Lost Saga

Lost Saga is one of the fighting mmo games, developed by I.O. Entertainment and published by OGPlanet. The PvP system and multiple game modes allow teams of maximum 16 players to compete against each other. There are lots of heroes to choose from and Lost Saga developers plan to add even more. It’s said that Lost Saga will have around 100 playable heroes. Not all heroes are free to play, some require premium membership. Lost Saga features 2 types of currency: pesos and astros. Pesos are earned from completing Lost Saga objectives. Astros are premium currency. Players use keys to perform actions.

One of the key aspects of Lost Saga gameplay is hero selection. There are several types of heroes and each one offers a different play style. Players can choose from: melee, ranged, magic and special types. Each Lost Saga hero category has various characters. For example, magic heroes can learn fire, ice, lighting or necromancer spells. Ranged heroes can use bows or guns. The category with most heroes is the melee category. Skills are gear dependent. Each skill is assigned to a key and combos can also be performed. There are 4 types of Lost Saga skills: weapon, armor, helm and trinket skills. Each skill has a cooldown time that can be influenced by performed actions. Lost Saga is a free online rpg with 3 leveling systems. Hero leveling is the classic process through which a Lost Saga hero gains XP from fights and levels up. Upgrade points, gained when leveling, are used to enhance hero stats. The other types of Lost Saga unique leveling are fishing and relic hunting. Progression is counted each time a player finds a relic or successfully fishes an item. The quest system is strongly related to each type of leveling. There are different Lost Saga quests: crusade, rank, fishing, relics and battle.

Lost Saga challenges are implemented in the form of game modes. There are 11 Lost Saga modes. There are PvE, PvP modes and some that are totally combat free. Variety is ensured as there are 20 Lost Saga maps with varied landscapes. Extraordinary performance is rewarded with titles, XP and pesos bonuses. Lost Saga mmorpg has a movie mode feature for taking screenshots and video recording. Once a few months, players can earn special prizes or benefit from promotions. There are seasonal events and also holiday related events like Halloween Spender Event and Mid-Summer Magic Time. Lost Saga patches add new items, content and accessories. Players can join Lost Saga guilds to find like minded people and enjoy the game together.

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